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Enclosed Merhow Trailers

Enclosed Merhow Trailers

Merhow trailers are some of the best on the market. They offer a wealth of room and customization to suit all of your needs. It is the perfect solution for families who have kids who show cattle or horses. Enclosed Merhow trailers give you more flexibility. Not only can you haul animals but also items such as UTVs, dirt bikes, ATVs and more. This means your trailer can virtually take you anywhere.

Show Animals

Nothing is worse than having animals to show at the county fair and being faced with the dilemma of leaving them there overnight by themselves. Merhow trailers give you the comforts of home, while still being about to care for your animals.

Forget about having to eat out every night, as your Merhow has a fully stock kitchen, including a stove, sink, microwave, refrigerator and plenty of cabinets and counter space. You will no longer have to worry about running home and getting cleaned up for your show, as the Merhow has a bathroom that will accommodate all of your needs. Perfect for after cleaning out stalls and needing to clean up for the evening.

Showing animals at the county fair has never been so easy. Owning a Merhow enclosed trailer with living quarters will change how your family spends a week at your county fair. Plus, a trailer like this gives you more freedom to travel to shows that are not close to home.

Out Door Adventures

Perhaps you love your animals but also like to explore the great outdoors. There are hundreds of ways you can use a Merhow trailer. However, if you choose to go with an enclosed trailer it will allow you to haul many different things.

Loads of customer chooses this type of trailer because they also love to camp and take along their ATVs. Merhow trailers have multiple beds, which can be utilized by any size family. There is plenty of sitting room to allow for visiting and game playing. Grab a snake before bedtime or light the fire to take off the chill when the fall nights get cold.

Since you can customize your Merhow, you can add in any comforts that may be important to your family. In addition, you can choose the color of woodwork, carpet, and furniture.

Hit the open road in style and never worry about leaving the comforts of your home behind. The possibilities are endless when it comes to owning an enclosed Merhow trailer.

Who Is Merhow

Merhow has been in business for more than 50 years. They are the top contender for horse and toy hauler trailers. They offer excellent warranty service and a wealth of options to make your trailer truly unique to your needs. Built with the highest quality materials, your Merhow will last for years to come. They offer industry-leading designs, style and structural integrity that cannot be beat by anyone else. Once you pull a Merhow, you will never pull another trailer again!

About Us

Tadlock Trailer Sales is a family-owned business. We will treat you like our own. Not only do we sell trailers and mowers, but we also offer service and parts. No job is too big or small. We are located at 5645 ST 125, West Union, Oh 45693.

If you would like to find out more about Merhow trailers with Living Quarters, call us at 937-544-2851.

 We also offer stock, cargo, equipment, dump, car and utility trailers. We work with the best trailer brands in the industry, including Merhow, BWise, Bri Mar, Homesteader, Zimmerman, Royal Cargo, Gatorade, Moritz and much more.

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