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RC Trailers, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of the cargo trailer. They provide a wide selection of trailers which will efficiently carry all of your assets. Plus, we offer custom selections that can not be found anywhere else. Check out our RC Cargo trailer with a porta potty. Give us a call to day to find out more details.

Flat Top Wedge RWT Cargo Trailer

RC Trailers
RC Trailers
Flat Top Wedge RWT
Flat Top Wedge RWT
RC Trailer enclosed - cargo trailer
RC Trailer enclosed with customization
RC TrailersFlat Top Wedge RWTFlat Top Wedge RWTRC Trailer enclosed - cargo trailerRC Trailer enclosed with customization


  • 3/4″ Engineered Wood Flooring
  • 3/8″ Plywood Walls Trimmed with Lauan

Interior Heights

  • 4′ Wides – 4′
  • 5′ Wides – 5′-6″
  • 6′ Wides – 6′
  • 7′ Wides – 6′
  • 8.5′ Wides – 6′ 6″


  • Flow-Thru Sidewall Vents
  • .030 Exterior Metal
  • Inverted ATP Stoneguard
  • Galvanized Steel Roof
  • Mill Finish Rear Corners and Header
  • ATP Fenders
  • 1-1/2″ Lower Trim
  • 3″ Top Rail


  • (1) 12-Volt LED Dome Light
  • 4-Way Plug on Idler Axles
  • 7-Way Plug on Electric Brake Axles
  • Breakaway Box, Battery, & Switch
  • LED Strip Tail Light/Brake Lights, Surf Mounted
  • LED Surface Mounted Clearance Lights
  • ST205/75D15 Bias w\White Wheels on 2,900 lb., 3,000 lb, and 3,500 lb. axles
  • ST225/75R15 Radial w\White Wheels on 5,200 lb Axles
  • Upgrade to Torsion Axle from 3000#, 3500# or 5200# Spring Axle
  • Upgrade to Torsion Axle from 6000# Spring Axle
  • 16″ Wood Flap Added to Light Duty Ramp Door
  • Flush Lock Side Door Lock
  • (1) Piece Aluminum Roof
  • Light-Duty Stabilizer Jacks Pair
  • Two-Tone Without Bright Stripe
  • Two-Tone With 4″ Bright Stripe
  • Radial Tires In Place of Bias-Ply Tires Tire
  • Brown Lauan Ceiling
  • Add Insulation to Ceiling
  • ATP Flooring, White Vinyl Ceiling, Plywood Ceiling, Ceiling Insulation
  • Exterior Metal Upgrade

Ramp Door Option

  • Upgrade From Light Duty Ramp Door to Standard Duty Ramp Door.
  • Note: Light Duty Ramp Doors MUST be upgraded to a Standard
  • Duty Ramp door when adding more than 12″.


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